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Roses and kitties

Hmmm... What's this? A translation of VB Rose 13 seems to have found its way onto our hard drive. I wonder if anyone would be interested in that phenomenon...

In other news, we've been having kitty problems again. As I mentioned yesterday, Oreo started vomiting again. He also stopped eating again. And the vomit was yellow, so we knew there's probably something up with his liver. Darn it, we have to go to the vet again.

We tend to dislike going to the vet, because we don't like taking the time out of our day, but more than that, we don't like asking other people to take even more time out of their day to drive us. This time it was even worse, though, because we decided we didn't really like the attitude of the vet Oreo saw last time. We would be like, "Well, he hasn't been eating, but we managed to get him to drink some milk," and he'd be like, "You know you shouldn't give cats milk," and we were like, "Yeah, but it was the only thing he'd eat," and he'd give us this chastising look, which we may or may not have imagined. So we'd talk about it later, like we were yelling at him (even though he wasn't there), like, "Look, it was milk or starvation! Which one do you think is going to kill him faster!?" Okay, so it's possible that milk would kill him faster than starvation, but it's not like we were giving him rat poison.

And we told him that Oreo wouldn't eat only one thing for the rest of his life, and he couldn't give us any suggestions, just repeat that he really shouldn't eat anything but the hypoallergenic food. (Okay, he suggested trying the other brand of hypoallergenic food, which is more expensive, and as it was, feeding him as much as the vet prescribed would have meant Oreo's daily meals cost more than ours.)

Then last night, our veterinarian friend tweeted links to a couple of videos of the kinds of conversations vets have to deal with from pet owners, and the first one was really quite outrageous (and hilarious, in a sad kind of way), but the second the second one, the pet owner did some dumb things, but for the most part, s/he had legitimate reasons for not doing things exactly the way the vet would have, and it made us angry (and reminded us of this doctor) to think that veterinarians think of us as morons who can't even function properly just because we can't afford diagnostics. We understand that these procedures cost money--that's why we're not asking you to do them. Because, like you, we need money in order to make a living. Ugh.

So we weren't too thrilled about going to the vet. Athena went online to see if she could find anything, and she did! so we thought we might just go to a store and try some milk thistle, which is good for the liver, because we know Oreo is having problems with his liver. But in the end, we thought it might be good to get a professional's opinion, so we didn't accidentally do anything stupid. I called Mom for some advice, and she agreed. And off to the vet we went.

Fortunately! we got to see Oreo's usual doctor, whom we love very much, because she has cats, and when we say, "We know it's not a good idea to keep him on a tuna-only diet, but it's the only thing he would eat!" then she says, "Yeah, sometimes my cat goes on hunger strike, too." Thus our opinion that vets are evil was proven wrong again. But our theory that the vets who give us trouble are all dog people has yet to be disproven. Of course, it hasn't been proven, either, so...

Anyway. The other reason we didn't want to go to the vet is that I wasn't real keen on being told to euthanize Oreo just because we don't have the money for a liver screening. Doctor G suggested that we do one anyway just for our peace of mind, but we couldn't afford it anyway (we checked our finances before we left), and when I called to make the appointment I said we couldn't afford much, so she understood. And! she gave us medicine for his liver! (Okay, she sold us medicine for his liver, but the important thing is we have medicine for his liver.) We wanted to give it to him right away, but we're such sticklers for instructions that, since it says "start tonight," we weren't sure if it was okay, because it's not nighttime, it's afternoon. (Early afternoon when we got home from the vet.) Plus, we figure it's okay not to stress Oreo out too much all at once.

Nothing's solved, but we're optimistic, and we feel much better about life after talking to a doctor who listens. And having a new thing that might stimulate Oreo's appetite.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Oreo's old doctor again, Mom being kind enough to take us to the vet, having some new medicine that we think will help, having more of the old medicine so we won't run out, and Page being kind enough to keep us company while Oreo rests (it might be considered more nice for her to keep the sick one company, but we don't think he'd like that very much).
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