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We finished work early today, so we spent some time researching stuff (apartments) on the internet. That kind of research always seems to have a kind of soul-sucking factor to it, so now that we're done, I feel kind of brain dead.

This state is probably not helped by the fact that Oreo is not eating today. He was really happy to get some chicken yesterday, but as of this morning, he stopped being able to keep it down. The air pressure's been kind of weird, so we're reeeeeally hoping it's just that, and when the weather settles down again, he'll be happy and eating again like normal. Or relatively normal, considering. But we also ordered some prescription food online--the kind the vet originally prescribed, that they didn't have at that PetSmart. So hopefully that will give him something to eat that won't also make him sick. Also hopefully, he'll get to a point where he can handle other foods, too, because man, that stuff is expensive.

I'm a little worried about my writing today, because we finally got to the part of our Building Better Sentences course where the professor talks about what makes sentences bad. I knew this would happen though--we'd get a liiiittle bit about what makes sentences bad and how to improve that part, but since we wouldn't have all the information, it would be risky. So I'm just going to blog like normal, and hopefully it's not as bad as those bad example sentences.

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we're both finished reading Host Club now. And I wanted to talk about it, but now that I'm, actually, I wasn't sure what to say from the beginning. Braindeadness is no excuse. Also maybe I should stop using the word braindead to not actually mean braindead. ...Brain-fuzzy?

Anyway. We liked it. The end.

Just kidding. But there weren't really any surprising twists or anything. It's just Host Club. The last volume was like...Host Club to the max. It was just so very Host Club...y. Haruhi and Tamaki finally telling each other they love each other, their first date, the end... Very very Host Clubby. And hilarious, of course. The extra story about Kyoya was good, too.

For the filler pages, Hatori-sensei drew little comics about where the characters might end up in the future. She was very careful to say that it was not set in stone, probably because she knows her fans all too well. (Which reminds me, the way the Host Club patrons reacted to that one thing... Brilliant.) I think the best was the one with Tamaki and Haruhi going to Haruhi's dad's apartment to let him know they were engaged. Bwahahaha.

Aaand that's about it. The end for real this time.

Today I'm thankful for online stores to order prescription cat food from, online maps, finishing work early today despite sleeping in a little, still having eggs full of Skittles, and Mom sending us home with a bunch of Ghirardelli chocolates on Sunday.
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