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Hmm, I'm not sure what to talk about today. We went to the store to get Oreo some chicken and turkey, and more tuna, and he seems pretty happy about that, but it's not very eventful. We worked on Ace Attorney manga today, because our next project is actually the next Negima! omnibus, but we're waiting for books. I was a little sad to realize that our current series list has been knocked down to five, and that's only if you count the Negima! omnibi separately from regular Negima!. Plus, because we can be a little pessimistic sometimes, we're not sure if we'll ever hear about the last two arcs of Higurashi.

Despite all that, I'm feeling pretty good about life. It's just an optimistic kind of day.

And despite feeling optimistic today, I feel like all I have to talk about is kind of negative. Last night we amused ourselves by discussing the various injustices we have to face by having been born into the minority group known as "twins." For example, no other minority constantly has to answer the question, "Are you ?" Of course, twins can avoid that question simply by not doing things together, but that would be denying who we are! Or just boring, because we like each other and it seems silly to avoid doing stuff that we both like together just because the other people we might encounter would ask us a question that really isn't all that annoying.

Our bishop, who is the father and uncle of twins, says that, in his observations, people do tend to be intimidated by twins. We've noticed that people seem to be intimidated by us, but it wasn't until he said that that it ever occurred to us that that might be because we're twins. We thought we just had intimidating personalities or something.

Anyway, I could probably ramble on about this for a while, but frankly, there are other things I want to do with my time. Oh darn it, I just remembered Athena finished Host Club last night, so I could have talked about that. Ah well; it will have to wait until tomorrow or something.

Today I'm thankful for being able to give Oreo a little variety, the beautiful weather outside, having a good time working on Ace Attorney today, our home teacher remembering that he made tentative plans to come see us today, and simple origami instructions.
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