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Happy Maki's birthday!

The weather has had a difficult time making up its mind today. First it was kinda cloudy, then it was kinda sunny, and that went back and forth for a while until it started hailing, which was impressive because the hailstones were almost an inch wide, and I...started this LJ entry several hours ago, but then the thunder got really close, so we thought it might be wise to turn off the computer. The thunder didn't last very long, but it also didn't take very long to get caught up in Kingdom Hearts, which was followed by a lecture on building better sentences, then our regular game shows, and then manga. We thought about updating inbetween all that, but we wanted enough time to read plenty of manga before Castle started, so...

Anyway. We're using Google Chrome today, because Firefox started doing this thing where it would randomly freeze up. We're not sure if it's really Firefox doing it or something else, but since we recently upgraded to Firefox 4, I think that might have something to do with it. We'll see if Chrome gives us any problems tomorrow. (We haven't really used it that much today.)

Also, Oreo is now on an all-tuna diet. It wasn't our idea, initially. It's just that he stopped eating the hypoallergenic food, so we tried some Whiskas, which worked for maybe about ten minutes or so, and then he refused to eat anything at all, while at the same time constantly begging Athena for something to eat. So we tried some tuna, and he was cool with that. But then he started showing signs of getting sick of the tuna, which would be Very Bad.

We found a website that has ideas on how to get finicky cats to eat, and the one thing on the list that we hadn't already tried was sprinkling the food with catnip. Only problem is, we don't keep catnip around, because we don't like drugging ourselves, so we don't think it would be fair to drug the cats, even if they like it. But we needed Oreo to eat, so we asked Mom to buy us some, and she did, and we tried it! And he ate the catnip that was around the food, refusing to eat any of the catnip that had been contaminated with food. And then the catnip disagreed with him, and now he's back to all tuna. We need to go to the store for some milk soon (like tomorrow), so I think we'll try buying some lunch meat or something to see if he can get some variety. Fortunately, the tuna seems to agree with him pretty well, and bored though he may be, he does eventually return to it.

Today I'm thankful for having something Oreo will eat, making it through today's wacky weather without any noticeable damage, having time to read manga, having time for another lecture, and having a pretty little Page on my lap.
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