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Darn you, Jack Sparrow!

We had been in kind of a strange frame of mind for the last couple of days, that was mostly melancholy for no good reason. We've been thinking about how when we get paid, we're totally going to go to Disneyland for our birthday trip, but this melancholy was like, "But what's the point of going to Disneyland anyway? We're just going to have to leave!", which is really very silly, because we could go and have a good time and leave, or we could prevent having to leave by never going and never having a good time. Madness, I tell you.

So we finally snapped ourselves out of it, and went to the Disneyland website to research Fantasmic! showtimes. (We want to go on a day when they're showing it, but not on a Saturday.) But the first non-weekend that has Fantasmic! isn't until the 20th! What!? Well, that's okay, it gives us plenty of time to prepare for our trip, even if it is an awful long time after our actual birthday. Just now we found out that Disneyland did this huge makeover type thing for the Rivers of America so they could make an amphitheater for the world premiere of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. In other words, Jack Sparrow ruined our birthday!

Ah well, we're sure the premiere will be amazing for everyone who gets to go.

Anyway. Today we found out that we probably won't get paid for the big project that was driving us crazy for the last two months...for another two months! We're definitely glad to be getting paid for it, though. And if Kodansha pays us enough, we should get to go to Disneyland anyway!

But now we're back to the same old thing about money blah blah blah. I need to remember to call Leia tonight. What we need is cheering up!

Today I'm thankful for remembering to do the research before making Disneyland plans, finishing our translation, remembering to pay our rent this morning, being able to pay our rent this morning, and having friends to make plans with.
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