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Ha, ha, ha...!

So for Quina it's currently a toss up between Mitsuki Saiga (Makubex in GetBackers) and Mayumi Yamaguchi (Envy in FullMetal Alchemist).

Curiosity finally got the better of us, and Athena made a list of how many anime serieses we've seen at least two episodes of. It was partly because there are so many people who like to brag about how much anime they've seen (or maybe it just feels that way because we've been a little bitter), but in that respect I think it was a bad idea, because we're the type to make a list and see it and, no matter how long it may be, we think, "Oh is that all?" I think that's how I end up causing myself so much costume stress every year.

Anyway... we've been tagged! Yay! I actually do like being tagged, because it shows someone cares what I think. I think we may not act on it until tomorrow, though--choosing favorite characters will take some thought.

And tonight I'm thankful for sewing machines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap.
Tags: final fantasy ix, seiyuu, showing off

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