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Happy Star Wars Day!

And now I'm going to proceed to talk about something completely different.

After yesterday's post, badtzphoto said she'd love to hear our thoughts on other Disney movies, and we rubbed our hands together in villainous glee. Or we would have, if we thought for a second that we'd have time to write about Disney at length and still have time to do all the millions of other things we want to do. Of course, without any direction, our Disney discourses tend to peter out after not too long, but I believe we have, in fact, gone on for hours about Disney movies when faced with the right victim listener.

Aaanyway. To save ourselves some time, instead of writing up new thoughts on Disney movies, we decided to choose a few of our pre-existing LJ posts about Disney and post some links to them! While our LJ is littered with various thoughts on Disney movies, there was a time when we went out of our way to have a Disney marathon, because TokyoPop offered to let us translate Kilala Princess before Disney decided they wanted to assign the translators themselves. So we had some thoughts on Snow White, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. We have a "Disney pride" tag for our journal that links to all the posts where we're like, "And here's why Disney is more awesome than you think it is!" So if you have time and interest, feel free to check them out! (Only problem is, we don't have email alerts set for comments, so we won't know if you comment on any of them unless you tell us.)

In other is pretty much a normal day.

Today I'm thankful for a chance to revisit some of our Disney fangirl posts, finishing work early, getting to go to the grocery store yesterday, Page's keyboard excursion not deleting this almost-finished post, and the adorableness of Oreo's new favorite spot.
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