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Today turned out to be a day off after all! While it's probably not good that we don't have any worked lined up, we could really use a little vacation. So we won't be emailing our clients until next week. In the meantime, my chest still hurts, so time for silly little things.

For example, we decided that it was time to fill a gap in our geek knowledge and watch some of the original Star Trek. (This could also come in handy if we ever get to translate something sci-fi or military-ish or something.) So we went to and started with the first episode!

I think I want to start this review by apologizing to Star Trek fans and assuring them that we know you can't judge a series by its first episode alone. As of this point, we still fully intend on watching the whole series, but we've started to realize why Hulu only has the second two seasons.

Anyway. We watched what told us was the first episode: The Man Trap. (Wikipedia tells us its the third episode, if you count the two pilots. Pilot episodes are weird anyway; they're like alternate universe episodes sometimes.) It started out fascinating, especially since we'd been introduced to the characters through the recent movie.

It introduced a few characters, let us know that Something Strange was going on...and then focused on this "mysterious creature" for like forty minutes. With lots of long, dramatic close-ups. Oh my goodness, it was the opposite of intense. We had already figured out the whole mystery as of when they introduced it, which is fine, because we read shojo manga, and you always know how that's going to end, too. But it would have been nice to see more characters talking to each other, instead of being dramatically closed-up on. And most of the dramatic close-ups were on the shape-shifter anyway!

So all in all, it still has interesting characters, but we wish it would move along quicker. Several times we were like, "Show! Get on with it!" but it didn't. Sigh. I think we're going to have to take this show a little bit at a time.

In other news, Athena and I both have some pretty spectacular bruises on our legs from our attempt at the three-legged race at Home Evening Group last night. We should start an awareness campaign or something: Never, ever, EVER use twine or rope in a three-legged race. You can get muslin for 99 cents a yard, shred it, and use that. Much safer.

Now it's time to enjoy the rest of our day off. Today I'm thankful for free (and legal) episodes of Star Trek online, not having to work today, our Great Courses lectures being scheduled to arrive today, having time to scrub the sink, and the peanut butter M&Ms and pretzels that sustained us through our work yesterday when we had to skip snack time (we don't usually like working and eating at the same time, but yesterday, it was vital).
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