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Oh yeah, Live Journal. I thought about posting a couple of times today, but then got distracted with work. This current thing is intense! We only just stopped for the day! (At ten PM!)

But we did get a short break, because Mom and Steve were nice enough to take us to PetSmart to get some hypoallergenic food for Oreo. He may also be eating Fancy Feast. We're not sure if we'll ever go back to Nine Lives after this (after his last major incident, he never went back to Friskies), but at least Fancy Feast is less expensive than the hypoallergenic food. On the other hand, Fancy Feast seems to be looked down on by vets, which means it's probably not so good for kitties. Hm. But for now, we're just glad he's eating.

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve being kind enough to take us to PetSmart, having more food for Oreo, the cats being so sweet to hang out with us even when we spent almost the entire day working (we did have to stop for food), having a bunch of candy lying around for a quick morale boost, and it being time to go to bed (and therefore stop working).
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