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Happier problems.

Another busy day. Our biggest dilemma is the fact that Oreo seems really hungry (yay!), but he also seems to be getting tired of the hypoallergenic food. This is bad, because it's the only thing he can eat in large amounts. We've gotten him to eat some Fancy Feast (purchased because it comes in little cans, and we're tired of having to throw cat food away because it's gone uneaten for so long), but not much. Earlier today, he ate some Nine Lives (his regular food), but didn't keep it down.

We're hoping that's just because it's old, because if Oreo can't get to a point where he can eat his normal food again, he'll have to eat the hypoallergenic food for the rest of his life, and they only make it in one flavor! And he will flat out refuse to eat the same flavor of food after a certain period of time. We've been through this before. He started making all his insides go haywire when we tried to keep him on the dry hypoallergenic food and nothing else. Of course, that probably happened quicker because it was dry food and he wanted his wet food, darn it!, but we're seeing the signs. Why don't all the fancy scientists making healthy cat food ever think to make the specialty foods in multiple flavors? Aaaaaaaargh!

Anyway. Very busy other than that. Work, work, work.

In happy news, Oreo was wandering around and decided to chill out in the closet for a bit. This was awesome not only because it's adorable (with him hiding behind all the dresses and sitting in a box of what I assume is fabric (I didn't see it because it was hidden by a cat and dresses)), but it meant he had the strength to jump up into the box! And that box was on top of another box! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for Oreo being strong enough to jump into a box, not having to figure out what to make for dinner tonight, the new part of the project being slightly less scary than it originally seemed, our DVD course being on its way to us as of this morning, and new comp copies (Higurashi omnibus! It's gigantic! (maybe not for an omnibus; we actually didn't own any until now)).
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