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Happy Easter!

Today was a good day! We had great meetings at church, and a good time with family and friends at dinner. At sacrament meeting, Celeste performed a beautiful song that I had the opportunity to accompany. We would link to it, but we thought it might be more neat to record it ourselves. Celeste wanted to do that, too, so y'know, maybe someday. And of course we'd have to remember to link the original site...or would it even be legal to post our version?

Anyway, I get stage fright pretty bad sometimes, so even though I'd practiced it to the point that I could play it almost perfectly, well... I only bring that up because there was a split-second during the performance where my concentration broke and (or perhaps because) I noticed that I was shaking so hard that the whole piano was shaking with me, and I find that to be amusing.

I seem to remember some really amazing things being said at church today, but after everything that's happened, I can't remember them. In fact, during one of them, I was like, "Oh man, I should write this down!" Oh! I remember. It was about when Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of the world, and how He did have godly powers that might have helped Him to soften the blow, dull the pain, that kind of thing, but the only thing He used them for was to stave off unconsciousness and death, so that He could suffer everything. That's pretty intense.

Today I'm thankful for the great Easter meetings we had at church today, the Atonement, managing to play the song well despite my stage fright, getting to take home the extra peanut butter M&M's from Mom's house, and having a fun time with everyone this afternoon and evening.
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