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Today has been mostly uneventful. Just work and practicing the piano. And a little anime. Oreo seems to be getting tired of the hypoallergenic food, which is bad because it's the only thing he'll eat a significant amount of. And we reeeeeeeeeally do not want to have to deal with raw meat. Blech.

Mostly we've just been thinking about stuff. Last night we read a blog post by the TokyoPop CEO, where he says he likes the America's Greatest Otaku blog because it's a positive place, and that's when it hit me. (Actually, it hit me a little bit later, when I was thinking about stuff.) Maybe he decided to shut TokyoPop down because he can't take the fan hate anymore. This came not long after TP had to lay off more people, which caused another wave of fan vitriol. Maybe he just couldn't take it anymore and decided to call it all off. Of course, selling the company would probably have been a better option for everybody, but I can't blame him for wanting to get away. Fans have a lot of hate sometimes.

It's funny, come to think of it. It seems like every time a new manga company comes around, all the fans are like, "Finally! Someone better than the latest big manga company that now royally sucks." (Except when Del Rey Manga became Kodansha USA, when fans were like, "Kodansha, what a joke," until they announced Sailor Moon, and now suddenly they're one of the manga Big Three.) TokyoPop came along relatively early in the game, so they've just been pushed farther and farther down the list. And then of course there are the fans who go ballistic anytime anything happens differently than what they want.

I don't really know what I'm talking about. I guess I just wanted to rant. Fans make us tired. And we haven't even put up with a tenth of what TokyoPop CEO had to put up with, I'll bet. I guess I just wish people would stop celebrating vitriol and start being more positive.

Today I'm thankful for having enough time to practice the piano, the one song we thought might be really hard actually not being that difficult, the yummy mini pizzas we had for dinner, getting an email about starter materials for the DVD course we ordered (now if only we had time to go over them), and having a brand new package of Fudge Stripe cookies.
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