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Good Friday.

We're feeling much better today, for several reasons. First, we discovered that we're not the only ones who thought mister grumpy translator was being a jerk, and felt like he was attacking all the idiots who were stupid enough to let TokyoPop exploit them, and denouncing all their work as crap. Though to be fair, he did imply that not all of it was crap. Just most of it. And since we already know we're on his list, well...

Anyway. Also, we decided that, despite our sudden lack of gainful employment, we wanted to order a DVD course on how to build better sentences. Even if our hopes are realized and we actually aren't terrible translators, it can never hurt to get better! We're really excited about it, and we want it to get here RIGHT NOW!, but we have work to do and stuff, so it's just as well that they probably won't ship it until Monday morning and stuff. Oh man, though, we got the idea from this catalog they sent us in the mail, and there are all these fascinating courses. If we had the money and the illusion of time...

Anyway. Also, we went to the temple with Leia! We didn't plan to go on Good Friday on purpose, but we thought it was a very appropriate thing to do on Good Friday, especially since the temples are closed on Sundays. After the session, we stopped by Little Caesar's, where we got a pizza to take to Leia's place for lunch. And we planned to have an anime marathon for our birthday! (Obviously we always want to go to Disneyland for our birthday, but there's a big service project on our actual birthday, and we thought it would be nice to go, since the prophet asked us to and all, and it would be nice to give ourselves the gift of giving. Plus, Disneyland will be a little less crowded in the middle of May. We're really hoping we get some payment by then...)

And yesterday! at Home Evening Group, we watched Testaments (that link is to the first (of seven) part of the movie). It's a movie about...well, okay, I think this might take some explanation first. The Book of Mormon tells about a group of people who lived in the Americas, and includes an account of when Jesus Christ visited after His resurrection. The movie is a fictionalized story about a guy who was alive at that time. (It might make more sense to click on the link and watch the first minute or so, where it has an explanation.)

Anyway. The movie also depicts scenes from the New Testament, as kind of a "this is what was going on over here, and this is what was going on over here" thing, and I really liked those parts, because of how they portrayed the Savior. It's really easy to think of Him as being all serious all the time, but, for example, in this movie, He heals a boy, and after that He gives him a big hug and a smile. And then the next scene shows Him healing a blind man, and before He takes His hands off the man's eyes, He puts this little girl (who looks like the man's daughter) in front of him so she can be the first thing he sees. It made me happy to think of things that way.

We also have a special fondness for the movie because when we were teenagers, we were in a ward with a pair of guys called the Joes, who were both known for being amazing tenors. (One of them was in a straight-to-video movie called Rigoletto (not the opera). Here's a link to him singing a song from it. Our dad was in Rigoletto, too!) And both of them landed roles in Testaments! They didn't sing in the movie, but it was really neat to see them! The Joe who played Rigoletto was cast as one of the Americas guys, so he got to go to Hawaii for like a month or something, while the other Joe went to Utah for like a week to film one of the Jerusalem scenes. He was the snarky one, too, so we heard the complaining. But they're good friends, so it was all in fun.

Oh, that song made me kind of happy. Not that I was actually listening to it, though. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple on Good Friday, still getting that course for 70% off even though the catalog said the sale ended yesterday (hopefully the price won't shoot up before they ship it), getting to see the Testaments movie again, having a nice lunch with Leia, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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