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It's an attitude thing.

Last night we needed to go to Mom's house to use her scanner and stuff, and it ended up being a night out! Apparently Mom saw a commercial for a certain video game, and immediately wanted to buy it. We had been informed of the plan, and soon after we arrived at Mom's house, we headed over to Best Buy, where we were slightly alarmed to discover that the game was called Country Dance. Actually, a country dance seems like it might be a nice setting for a laid back video game, but we knew better. This was a dance game with all country music.

After a quick stop at Jamba Juice, it was back to Mom's place and time to be forced to listen to country music, blargh. It actually wasn't that bad, though. The dancing was entertaining enough that it overpowered our prejudice against the music. But, since one of the songs that got played a few times was "Achy Breaky Heart," we couldn't help but think of the Pinky and the Brain parody of it, which got stuck in my head for a while.

When Mom and Celeste were too tired to play anymore, Celeste and I practiced the song she's going to sing in church on Sunday, and then Mom wanted to put in the movie she got for five dollars while we were at Best Buy: The Seeker. It wasn't the greatest movie ever, but it was entertaining. It did have stunning visuals, though, and we've noticed that we don't have great attention spans for movies with Stunning Visuals.

Then the movie ended, we finally got our thing scanned, and then we were faced with the idea of coming home to a potentially dying cat and a job that was stressing the heck out of us. The thought filled us with dread. But return home we did, and now here we are. We decided something needed to be done about all the stress, but since we can't eliminate it, all we can really do is change how we deal with it.

Oreo helped the situation this morning by coming in to ask for something. We couldn't really tell what, because he's still refusing to eat, but eventually we discovered that he wanted some milk. Milk! That has vitamins and stuff! So we got excited. We decided to take things easy on the stressful job, because really the main cause of stress is ourselves. We keep pushing ourselves to work and work, and choosing to stress out about it. So we decided to stop. And instead of working right away, we went to the store.

We have two theories about Oreo's choice of food. Either he wants something with little to no flavor, or he wants something that requires no chewing. So we picked up some rice and some chicken broth, and some more milk, just to make sure we didn't run out. And when we got home, we got him to eat a liiiiittle bit of rice! Like half a grain. So we thought maybe if we tried mixing it with water, like with okayu, he'd eat that...and he didn't.

But he still seemed to want to eat something, so we got out the chicken broth. And he seemed very excited about it! ...But he didn't have any. At least, not right away. We caught him at the bowl once, but he stopped eating it when Athena walked by. Darn it! But that just means maybe he's had some when we weren't looking. We still haven't heard from the vet, but we're thinking of moving his appointment to tomorrow. We'll see how things go with work, which did indeed turn out to be less stressful when we decided not to be stressed out about it. (On the downside, we didn't get in very many hours, but I think those few hours may have been slightly more productive than they would have been otherwise.)

So we just keep on keeping on.

Today I'm thankful for getting a small escape last night, having a much more relaxed day today, Oreo showing interest in food, the 99 Cents Only Store having peanut butter M&M's and Cadbury Creme Eggs, and Mom treating us to Jamba Juice last night.
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