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Wow, it's been a while. We ended up spending the whole day out yesterday. We wanted to meet with the bishop, and after that it was just more convenient to go to Mom's house to practice the song Celeste wants to sing in sacrament meeting next week, then go with Celeste to her visiting teacher's place for dinner. (Celeste's visiting teacher happens to be the friend we codenamed Midge, who lives about a block and a half away from us.) We had a great time hanging out with Celeste and Midge, but by the time we got home, we were sad that we hadn't had time to, like, read manga or anything. Ah well.

Today we ended up being really busy, because we got a late start on work, and so we wanted to work late to make up for it (though it probably wasn't necessary). Then we had to write a column. It's been a little intense.

Anyway. Oreo seems to maybe be doing better, we think. We can occasionally get him to eat a few bites of cat food, but never any more than that. But just that little bit is enough to keep hope alive. And now we want to see about spending some quality time with him.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo eating food (especially because we discovered on Saturday night that he can't necessarily keep that much milk down), getting our column written, having very yummy cookies to look forward to, having a great time with Celeste and Midge last night, and finally finally finally being done doing things on the computer for today.
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