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Reading and kitties.

Our vacation continues with more reading! Part of my reading included a thirty-page introduction to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which may or may not have made any more sense than the book itself (which of course has yet to be read by either of us). Athena asked me why I read the whole thing, and my response was pretty much, "Uh." Athena's reading included Charles Perrault fairy tales, where she discovered that the moral of Sleeping Beauty is that it's okay to wait to get married. *shrugs*

In more serious news, Oreo is not doing very well right now. He lost his appetite sometime last night, and when we discovered why, we gave him some medicine. Fortunately, there hasn't been any more vomiting, but he doesn't seem to have eaten anything since last night. Mostly he's just been curled up in the dining room, alternately sleeping and looking very uncomfortable. Poor kitty; we hope he recovers soon. And we really hope he learns to stop eating the leaves that fall on the balcony. Or maybe if we would be better cat owners, we'd get all the leaves off the balcony, and now that our tree has been decimated there won't be any more. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of good books to read, still having non-expired medicine to give Oreo (it's been a long time since he's needed any, for which we are also grateful), getting that bottle of V8 Fusion open the other night (it was far more of an ordeal than opening a bottle of juice should be; after cutting all the plastic connector thingies (which didn't help), we finally got it open by working together--Athena held the lid, and I held the bottle), amusing episodes of trying to open bottles of juice, and teamwork.
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