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It's official.

Our "are we on vacation?" week has turned into a "yes, we're on vacation" week. We got the email from our boss on the confidential project saying we get to take a break! On the one hand, yay! We have a ton of non-work stuff that's been piling up, and we finally get to do it! And we just got the last volume of Host Club yesterday, so it's really perfect timing. (Though we spent most of today playing Kingdom Hearts instead.)

On the other hand, we are waaaay too insecure. So when our boss says take a break, it's too easy for us to wonder if it's because we're so terrible. The more I think about it, the more I realize how ridiculous the idea is, but...I think we've had a few too many bad experiences in the past. Fortunately, manga and Kingdom Hearts make it easy to forget that stuff.

Anyway. Despite being on vacation, we're kind of in a hurry to move on. Today I'm thankful for not having to worry about whether or not we should be working, having time to read manga, getting to spend lots of time playing Kingdom Hearts (now if only it hadn't taken so many tries to escort Cinderella to the ball...), so much stress going away that we can finally eat ice cream again, and Mom bringing our tax stuff over so all we have to do is send it in.
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