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Today turned out to be another day off, and I can't help but wonder if it's a trap. But wondering about such things tends to be very nonproductive, so instead we made the most of it. Well, sort of. We did go over a translation and tweak it a little, so we didn't completely slack off (which is part of our attempt at avoiding trouble in case it does turn out to be a trap). But we also indexed names for FamilySearch! And we finally got to catch up on some Kieli reading! Woohoo! We also got a little extra sleep, which we did before we knew whether or not today would be a day off, but I think it was a very good idea.

All in all, today has pretty much been a day of de-stressing, and life is good, mostly. It's looking like our impromptu vacation means we can't reasonably cancel tonight's plans, and Tuesday night plans are kind of a significant source of stress, so the stress level may go back up very soon, but hopefully it won't.

Anyway. The other day, when I was venting our stress at Mom, she apologized, because apparently our constant fear of getting fired is genetic. That happened before this sudden vacation, which has us a little worried about the fact that our contract with one of our clients was up for renewal. Mostly, we're worried that maybe they've decided they don't want to renew our contract after all. But this is pure speculation, and only comes from our tendency to imagine the worst case scenario while taking everything way too personally. For all we know, they're looking at getting new titles, and they want us to work on one or more of them before we get to the thing we thought we would be translating this week! That would be fantastic.

Today I'm thankful for a nice relaxing day off, extra sleep this morning, the letter X, the beautiful weather outside, and bottles of juice that aren't impossible to open.
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