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Surprise day off.

Man, what an odd day. We didn't have anything new to work on for the confidential project, so we were going to work on the non-confidential project that no one's guessed yet. But we emailed out boss to make sure that's what we were supposed to be doing, and she emailed back with, "Hold on; we're rearranging the schedule."

So now we were left with nothing to do! All these enormous workloads all around us, and yet today we have nothing to work on. While we welcome the time off, we certainly do not welcome the idea of that much more intense a schedule later on when things pick up again. That being the case, we considered working on the non-confidential project anyway, but we've always been good at following instructions, and we were told to wait. So we decided to wait.

And instead, we worked on chores! Woo. But since we'd been neglecting them because of the intense work schedule, we figured now would be a good time to un-neglect them. Tadah! But that didn't take very long, so then we watched the end of Li'l Pri. Actually, our wallpaper today is the princess picture from Gakuen Alice, so I feel like today is kind of a princess day. Maybe that means we'll read some princess manga later. It does make me wish for a prince charming, though... Sigh...

In other random news, Mom did our taxes this morning (yay!), and she's thinking that since we're paying so much rent we should just find a place and buy it. We think this is a great idea except for two things. Moving sucks, and moving really sucks.

Actually, the main reason we're so hesitant about it is that if we're going to own a home, we want it to be a more reasonable distance from Disneyland. Like, close enough that we can go once a week if our work schedule permits. But first, home ownership is more expensive down south, and second, we've been here so long that everybody we know is up here. We hardly know anybody close to Disneyland. Of course that can easily be fixed (and we know people who will come visit us when we live closer to Disneyland), so the bigger concern is that we don't know the first thing about looking for places to live. Sigh again.

On days like this, I feel like we're supposed to do Something Important. The hard part is figuring out what that something is.

Today I'm thankful for finally having time to do our chores, finally having time to watch the last three episodes of Li'l Pri, Mom being nice enough to do our taxes, having enough money to pay our taxes, and the very tasty pita chips we had for a snack.
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