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Happy Sunday!

Whew, we are very happy that today is Sunday and we don't have to work. I really hope we can recharge enough for the coming week. But then again, for all we know, the coming week won't be that tough.

Church was pretty good today. We had a lesson about when Peter tried to walk on water, and how he started to lose faith when the wind and the waves got to be really scary. It kind of reminded me of our current situation, and how it sometimes seems impossible to get all our work done on time, and like we're sinking. In the New Testament, Peter immediately sees that he's sinking and says, "Lord, save me," and immediately Jesus helps him back up. That's something we need to remember when we start getting stressed out. But mostly what's helped us get through all of this is faith--faith that we can make it, and faith that the Lord will help us when things get really tight.

After that lesson, I got to teach a lesson on honesty, which went really well because there were a lot of people with really great comments. Actually, Celeste tends to give some of the best comments in Relief Society, and today was no exception. She talked about how when you start lying about something, in order to make yourself feel better or less guilty or something, you have to convince yourself that you're not really lying, so you start living in this alternate reality that you've created for yourself. Then when you live in that alternate reality, you're suspicious of everyone and everything, because you yourself are living a lie, so how can you be sure no one else is? It's a pretty scary concept, if you ask me. I think also that you might be prone to thinking other people are lying because their reality, which is true, doesn't mesh with the false reality you've created for yourself. That's scary, too.

But the good news is that if we don't lie, we don't have to deal with that! Yay!

Today I'm thankful for good lessons at church, good comments during lessons at church, accidentally sounding like Rapunzel, not having to work today, and therefore having lots of time to do stuff that's not working.
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