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Deadline's approaching.

Despite LJ's problems today, we are going to attempt an update right now! Why? Because now is about the only free time we can give ourselves. After this, it's off to practice the piano for church tomorrow, dinner, and back to work! We're working on a non-confidential project today, so go ahead and guess what it is! The hint is let Badtz guess first!

The other hint is that when we started out on it today, things were not looking promising as far as having any free time this coming week. Things are looking a lot better now, fortunately, but we're still afraid for our immediate future. We can't count on anything, so we have to get as much work done as we can, when we can.

The biggest problem with all this work is it gets a little lonely. I mean, it's not like we're hanging out with people a lot normally, but somehow it's more pronounced when we're working all the time. I'm not sure why that is. Then it was especially more pronounced when Mom called this morning and asked if she and her friend could come over. I said sure, but I wanted to point out that, since we're on a land-line, she didn't need to ask if we were home, because we would have had to be in order to answer the phone. That's when she revealed that she thought she was calling Sarah. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't gone on to say that she shouldn't be going anywhere anyway, because she has so much work, like she can ditch work for Sarah but not us. Ah well, we have way too much work to have visitors anyway.

I think all the stress has me a little extra easily offended. That's also why when somebody started talking about the egregious (he didn't say egregious error, but, like I said, I'm on edge) translation error in Fruits Basket that involved assigning the wrong gender to a character when no gender had been assigned in the original Japanese. Okay, in the case of Ritsu foreshadowing, we understand, but if you're talking about the other character (name omitted in case someone actually hasn't read it yet, but you probably know who we're talking about)...we just think of Rapunzel talking to Flynn, holding her frying pan... "I will use this." Again, we probably could have jumped in and explained ourselves, but there's no time! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Plus, haven't we had this conversation a million times?

On a brighter note, we had to chase Oreo out of my chair last night so we could get back to work after dinner, and since I felt bad about it, we let him have the blanket that was on my chair. He didn't seem to care much at first, but he liked it so much he spent a good four, five hours on it today without moving once. He didn't even come pester us to share our breakfast and lunch with him! And he was so cute♥

Anyway. Busy busy busy. Today I'm thankful for work speed picking up on this volume of manga, having chocolate covered pretzels, spelling egregious right on my first try, Oreo liking the blanket (happy kitties make us happy), and having two chapters done so far.
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