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Ice cream!

Whew, we did it! We finished this week's assignment! Things got a little iffy, because we had a surprise visitor! But that was nice, too. Mom's old friend from way back when we were in SoCal is visiting, and, so as to have something to do while Mom was working away at doing people's taxes, she was super nice and came over to take us to the grocery store. It's been so long since we managed to get to go to the grocery store before we ran out of food! Now I feel like we have such an abundance! This is especially important when considering the fact that you never know when a giant natural disaster will prevent you from going to the store for a long time. Maybe we should have gotten more toilet paper.

And! the store had the Late Night Snack flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream! I saw the new label and went to check out what was in it, and as soon as I saw salty caramel, I picked up a couple of pints. It wasn't until after I put them in the cart that we discovered it also has potato chips! Whoa! This is going to be some amazing ice cream (where amazing is not necessarily good). But despite the insanity that is Celeste's former in-laws, one thing they introduced her to that was very good was Pringle bark. It's like peppermint bark, only with Pringles instead of peppermint--and for those of you unfamiliar with peppermint bark, that means it was chocolate filled with crushed Pringles. And that turned out to be very tasty, so this ice cream has promise! But really, we're just excited that people in the US have discovered that salty ice cream isn't necessarily bad, so we want to support it. (The things we do for Kingdom Hearts...)

Anyway. We need to get back to work (though we might have a short snack first). If we can finish Negima! tonight, we might have lots of time to work on our next project tomorrow!

Today I'm thankful for Mom's friend being kind enough to take us to the store, the nice lady at the store who helped us get the plastic bags to work, not being rained on on the way to and from Home Evening Group last night, getting this week's assignment done, and exciting new ice cream flavors.
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