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LJ keeps telling us access is forbidden to our journal! Ooooooohhhhh nooooooo!! (I'm in a silly mood right now.)

We're feeling pretty good right now because we think we're making good progress! Woohoo! Hopefully we won't get an email from our boss saying, "Why aren't you working harder!?" But we've decided that we made enough progress today that we can get back to work on Negima! early, which means we'll have more than an hour to work on it today! (We have Home Evening Group today, taking away from our regular after-hours work time.) If this keeps up, we might be able to turn it in on Monday, and have a chance at finishing our next project before it's due on the 18th! This is so exciting!

...And it also makes me want to cry a little. But mostly it's exciting!

That being the case, there's really not a whole lot else to say. Busy, busy, busy!

Today I'm thankful for making seemingly good progress, having extra time to work on Negima!, the surprise rain we got today, the delicious Italian Four Cheese Cheez-Its we had for snack time, and daydreams about going to Disneyland for our birthday.
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