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Is it working now?

LiveJournal has been hit and miss with us for the last two days. ...Okay, more like a lot of missing, then maybe hitting the edge of the target, then getting onto the board, but so far no posting. Maybe that's a mixed metaphor. I don't know. Anyway. We actually did write a post yesterday! But it didn't get posted. Fortunately, we were prepared, and we copied and pasted it into Notepad, so we could post it when LJ is working again! Let's see if that's now!

LiveJournal's been kicking us out all day! Maintenance said something about hackers a few days ago, so that's probably it. And when we finally got in, it turned out we hadn't missed much, so it's all good, I guess.

I'm a little happy today, because when we were translating a Negima! interview today, we answered one of the questions exactly the same way Ken Akamatsu did, to the last detail, without having read his answer first. Granted, it probably wasn't a difficult question, but we're glad to know we're not completely incapable of understanding how manga artists think. (It's an important skill for a manga translator to have if you want to translate accurately.)

We watched Dumbo last night! I wanted to say that, but I don't think I have very much to say about the movie. We like it. It has fun music. Baby elephants are, in fact, adorable. We must have watched it an awful lot when we were little, because we remembered soooooo much of it like we'd seen it yesterday, when in fact I'd say we last saw it about five years ago, maybe six. Or maybe they just showed certain clips on the Disney Channel a lot. I know we got a couple of Disney's Greatest Lullabies videos when we that we watched fairly a lot, which is strange, because we both hated slow songs back then (must have been the magic of Disney--we couldn't look away!), but anyway, one of them had Baby Mine on it. I remember hating that song especially because it made me so sad. I did Not like sad songs. And back then, almost anything slow was sad. But Baby Mine specifically had crying in it and everything, so it was especially sad.

Anyway. Today is a busy day and it's not over yet!

Today I'm thankful for reminders that we do have good comprehension, getting to watch Dumbo last night, having a complete collection of Disney animated features!, bunny cookies (we forgot to bake them yesterday, so they'll be part of FHE tonight), and getting to read manga last night.

As for today...we got hit with a work bomb! Aaaahhhh! It was supposed to be a little work bomb, but the explosion was bigger than calculated. But it was fun stuff, so we don't mind so much. The only problem is that we still have sooooooooooooooo much work to do. And we may or may not have plans tonight. They were canceled last week because of the Young Women's activity (which meant we still had plans, just different ones), but we haven't been able to talk to the other person involved with the plans, so we're not sure if those plans are happening this week. I know we could have called, but we were hoping he would call us, since we meet at our place, and it seems a little rude to call someone and say, "Hey, I don't know if you were planning to or not, but DON'T COME OVER!!!"

Though on the other hand, busy as we are, it probably would have been better for everybody in the long run. Epimetheus.

Anyway, time for early dinner. Today I'm thankful for finishing that assignment, those bunny cookies and their yumminess, having time to go to the store and get some milk, the pretty Disneyland wallpaper on our computer today, and the picture of the groundhog with the dandelion in his mouth on our calendar.
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