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So we got a phonecall that went something like this:

Mom: What's that series where they turn into things?
Me: What?
Mom: You know, they twirl around and turn into things...?

This narrows it down to about two-thirds of all the anime we've ever seen, so let's narrow it down further:

Mom: They get naked and twirl around and turn into things.
Me: You mean SailorMoon...?
Mom: No, if it was SailorMoon I would have remembered. They're not turning into critters...

That eliminates Fruits Basket. She finally decided that yes, it was Pretear. And then I talked to the daughter of the friends they were having dinner with, who (probably indirectly) instigated the whole discussion. It was nice talking to her, but I'm very bad at making conversation, so I felt kind of bad afterwards.

Actually, before that, we got another phonecall where she invited us to dinner with them next Saturday so they can give us the dresses they bought in Hawaii. It sounds like a pretty fun idea until we remember that whenever they ask us to do something, the answer is ALWAYS NO.

Yet for some reason we always answer yes. I even remembered this time that the answer is always no, but I couldn't bring myself to say it, so I said, "Let me check with Athena," and she couldn't say it either. I'm not sure if this comes from a desire to belong, some kind of unbreakable (no matter how hard we try) bond with our mother, or an inability to turn down free stuff. There's also the fact that they always manage to wait just long enough for something to happen to shake our resolve that we need (for our mental and emotional health's sake) to avoid these people. She did think about us enough to buy us dresses while she was in Hawaii, after all.

So we'll just make sure to save this week's episode of Tide-Line Blue for after dinner that day, and that way we'll have something to calm ourselves down should anything terrible happen. Or just to boost our spirits a little--there's almost a guarantee that that will be necessary, even if nothing happens.

I do feel like I should add a little disclaimer that Mom can be a very nice, wonderful person sometimes. Just other times... And it is mostly Steve that's the problem, and Mom when she takes his side makes it even worse. Oy. It's enough to make us both want to be single forever.

Anyway, I am grateful that they thought enough about us to buy us dresses in Hawaii. I hope they're pretty, and that we look good in them--we really need some new church clothes. I'm also very thankful for Tide-Line Blue, and the ability to make screencaps, and dark chocolate, and kind people who are willing to drive us to church.
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