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Mixed day

Nnngh, I clearly have a long way to go to being a better person. Here we just had this great General Conference with all these good, uplifting talks, but I just can't get over this email we got from our penpal in Japan. He had said some hurtful things about America on his blog, so I addressed them by saying, hey you know that really hurts, and he basically responded with yeah but America's done some really terrible things. Well there's no denying that, but...I don't know, I guess I just think that you shouldn't judge an entire country based on something that happened decades ago and a failure to nominate your favorite movie for an Academy Award. I mean, we've read stuff about white privilege and how minorities are oppressed and get frustrated and need to vent that frustration, but that doesn't make it any less painful when that hatred is directed at me when I didn't even do any of those wrong things.

Anyway. General Conference was really good. I especially liked Elder Bednar's talk about personal revelation, and how sometimes it comes on like a light switch, where it's obvious and you see it right away, but more often it comes like a sunrise, where it's gradual and sometimes, like on a cloudy, foggy day, you don't even realize until the sun is already up. We keep hearing about the light switch variety or inspiration, and since we rarely (if ever) experience it ourselves, we had kind of been wondering if we were doing something wrong. It was nice to hear that we aren't necessarily.

That talk was followed by a talk about chastisement, and how we need to learn to accept it and use it to grow, which is definitely another thing we need to hear at this point in our lives, difficult advice though it may be.

Oh! Something we wanted to mention yesterday but forgot about! When Athena got the mail on Saturday morning (it was actually Friday's mail, but anyway), she discovered that apparently we had, in fact, ordered Bambi on Blu-ray. It was the featured title at the Disney Movie Club, and we meant to turn it down because we already have Bambi on DVD, but we were a little sad about it, because...I don't know, I guess we just like Blu-ray (despite not having an HDTV). We saw that Mom bought Bambi, and we were like, "Aww, Bambi." But somehow we ended up not actually turning it down, and now we have it! And it was a double feature with Alice in Wonderland (the animated version), so we have that, too!

So we're happy about that, but also sad, because we don't want our DVDs to feel rejected. We're glad we've already seen all the extras on both those DVDs, unlike when we got Oliver and Company on DVD, despite owning the VHS copy for years and never watching it. Sigh.

Today I'm thankful for more great General Conference talks, getting Bambi and Alice in Wonderland on Blu-ray, getting to read a great interview with Milt Kahl, friendly Facebook messages, and there being plenty of chocolate in the apartment.
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