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Win-win! ...sort of.

I think I've gotten so used to the stress we've been having that when there's less to stress about, I stress out more because I feel like I should be stressing out. I'm sure I'll get over it.

Anyway, today was pretty laid back, which means my chest is hurting a lot. But on the bright side, we got almost halfway through the first draft of our post-Ace Attorney non-confidential project! So now it's time to guess the project again! Woohoo! Your hint is that we're pleasantly surprised at how quickly it went. It was pretty funny, too, because it was like, "Wow, this is the best volume ever. Except for all the terrible, terrible things happening in it." That one chapter especially. Super awesome and super terrible. At the same time.

We've been hearing the news about a certain omnibus that has recently been announced. If the last omnibus we did is any indication, they may still come to us to translate it, which would be great, because when we heard about Sailor Moon, we were like, "Well, they'll probably at least let us translate that other super popular thing, at whatever point they decide to redo it." It was our consolation. But now, we don't have time for that kind of thing! We're lacking in time like whoa. It's seriously bad. (Only it's less bad, because we made such good progress today.)

So in the pessimistic sense, the new omnibus announcement is bad news for us whichever way it falls. If we get to translate it, great! But we'll soon turn into zombies from lack of sleep. And if we don't get to translate it... Boo! Why don't we get to translate it!?

But on the optimistic side, if we get it, yay! And if we don't get it, yay, we have time! And sleep! (Incidentally, for those of you still wondering what it is, you probably don't care or you'd know.)

Changing the subject, we still haven't gotten our copy of Tangled. We're hoping it's in the mailbox right now so we can watch it after Home Evening Group. Ah, I feel like we can breathe a little today. I sure hope that lasts. And that the chest pains wear off.

Today I'm thankful for making a lot of progress on our latest project, having lots of projects, the refining power of trials, having a little breathing room today, and it being warm enough to wear our Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts to Home Evening Group tonight without having to cover them with sweatshirts.
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