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It never ends! Aaaaaahhhh! Something else came up at work today, but we rebelled and worked on Ace Attorney instead! The deadline for Ace Attorney is tomorrow! Aaaaaahhh! But that's okay, because we finished it! Whew! But we still need to see if we can get anything done on this new thing. Man oh man, where does the time go?

Anyway. Last night's activity went really well. We were really nervous at first, because we weren't entirely sure what we were doing, or what anybody expected us to do. We were with the Laurels (ages 16-17) talking about manga! Tadah! We started out explaining that we translate it and we told the story of how we got into it and blah blah blah. Then we got out the tone and showed them how it worked.

Then we said they could try that or we could teach them how to write their names in Japanese. That last one got them really excited! so we got out some chalk and the YW president went to get some markers from the library and we were in business. We worried again because we get rambly, but the girls seemed to think it was pretty awesome. We handed out kana charts, but we failed to label which chart was hiragana and which chart was katakana, so we're not sure how useful they'll end up being... eheh.

After they asked us how to write a bunch of stuff, and we realized that we don't remember some kanji as well as we should, some girls decided to try out the screentone! Yay! And we all sat around laying tone and talking about Disney. I keep forgetting how Disney got brought into all of it, and then I keep remembering that two of our three coloring books were Disney. I wanted somebody to use the leopard print tone on Bambi, but nobody did. Someone put flowers on Thumper, though. But the one that turned out the best was when one of the girls took the more fabricky flower print (as opposed to the backgroundy one) and used it on a picture of Little John dressed as a woman. It was really nice.

And through it all, we got more than one comment about how awesome we are, which was a very nice pick-me-up after our very stressful two days. But more importantly, we got to talk to the girl who inspired the whole event. She moved here from Southern California a few months ago, and she's been having a hard time making friends, because people aren't that willing to admit to liking anime around here. So she hadn't been coming to the YW activities, and the leaders were concerned. That's why they asked us for help.

We were really glad to do it, because when we started YW way back in the dawn of the mid-nineties, we had a hard time wanting to go to Young Women's activities, too. In our case it was mostly laziness, but it's true that none of the girls were willing to share our love of Animaniacs. Then one week, our Young Women president said we could bring an Animaniacs video to the activity. I don't think we even ended up watching it, but the important thing was that she showed us that she really cared about us, and about what we cared about. The other girls weren't interested, but the leaders always listened to us ramble on and on about Animaniacs or Sailor Moon or Hercules or whatever. And that's how we learned the importance of really listening to people. ...Am I sounding like an after-school special? Ah well, it really is important.

So anyway. We were glad to kind of pay forward what our YW leaders had given us, so it was really kind of a special night. We hope Meg (names have been changed to protect the innocent) keeps coming to YW, and we hope she makes a lot of friends!

Today I'm thankful for being able to finish Ace Attorney, bike trails (something relatively safe to walk on, as we made our way to Mom's house after the activity), Mom going out of her way to drive us to an activity that she wasn't a part of, the girls having a good time, and graph paper (which may come in handy if any of these girls ambush us at church and ask us to teach them more kanji).
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