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We had every intention of being very productive today. We needed to go to the 99 Cents Only Store to get some coloring books (to lay tone on) for the Young Women's activity on Tuesday, do some cleaning, catch up on Fairy Tail before we end up missing an episode forever, and work on that thing they're paying us to do. It may not sound like much, but for a Saturday, for us, it kind of is. But we managed to get up before ten o'clock, so we were pretty sure we could do it!

First we went to the 99 Cents Only Store, because we didn't want it to start pouring while we waited for the rain to let up. We were kind of hoping to get some Disney Princess coloring books, but, oddly enough, they didn't have any. They did have Disney Adventure and Disney Animals (which is awesome, because I like to remind people that there's more to Disney than princesses) and Tiny Titans, which is like Teen Titans, but tinier. Also, it's super adorable. So we got all of those, and we think it should be enough, especially considering that there's no way we have enough tone to fill up even one of them. We also got some chocolate.

When we got back, there was only enough time to watch an episode of Fairy Tail before lunch, so that's what we did! ...or started to do. Somewhere in the middle of the episode, Celeste called! She was out and about and procrastinating, so she invited us to lunch! Awww! That was so nice of her! And then she made us choose where to go, so we went to Pizza Hut, where we ran into one of her classmates. Tadah!

So that was pretty nice, and then we were ready to watch that episode of Fairy Tail! But the ending was so intense that we decided it wouldn't hurt to watch the next one. So we did! And I was like, "It will be nice to watch an episode without getting interrupted."

That thought by itself should have told me there would be another phone call. It was Mom! She said the broadcast was at five (huh?), so she was thinking we should go to Coldstone's beforehand, and then we could eat ice cream during it. Of course we have no objection to Coldstone's ever, but this time even less so, because we had just decided that next time we went to Coldstone's we should get brownies in our ice cream. We had no idea when our next trip to Coldstone's was going to be, so I was pretty happy that it came up so soon. But we had no idea what this broadcast was that Mom was talking about, so I had to ask.

There was a General Young Women Meeting today that was broadcast all over the world! And Mom had decided we were all going to watch it. Well, that's cool; we like hearing from General Authorities. Plus ice cream! So we had good ice cream (though we decided that Ben & Jerry's ice cream brownies are better) and listened to good messages, and it was all quite lovely.

And then Mom took us to the store, and on the way there, we talked about something that probably wouldn't make most people upset, but we have Issues, so we got upset, and then we decided to spend the evening playing Final Fantasy XIII instead of updating LJ. And now here we are, and we need to go to bed. And I reeeeeally want to go to Disneyland right now.

Today I'm thankful for getting a little bit of work work done (we had an hour between that second episode of Fairy Tail (finished after Mom's call) and leaving for ice cream), Mom treating us to yummy ice cream from Coldstone's, Celeste inviting us out to lunch, getting to see that broadcast, and finally remembering where to find more Cie'th stones.
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