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Well, today has been a busy day. We sent a progress report in, and tomorrow we'll find out if we're getting enough work done in a day. We decided to update LJ after Home Evening Group, because then we'd be more likely to have something to update about, but that plan seems to have failed. I want to relax, but we really need to work on Ace Attorney. Our deadline's coming up! And then our next thing is due just three days before our other next thing, and they're both going to be pretty intense. Unless they happen to be the magical volumes where the artists decided they wanted to have lots of big pictures with minimal text. That would be fantastic.

Today I'm thankful for work being plentiful but not strenuous, having the chance to use our umbrellas from Akihabara, having a liiiittle bit of time to work on Ace Attorney, still having leftover pancakes to eat at snacktime today (they're less time-consuming than our normal snacks), and not having too much of a problem getting up early this morning.
Tags: workaholism

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