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So because work has been so bizarre lately, we've actually not been working as much on the confidential project as we should have, so today our boss laid the smackdown! Okay, so it was more like, "Ladies, seriously." And he was very nice about it and stuff, but that's part of why we haven't updated LJ yet.

And despite all that! ...we took time out to watch America's Next Top Model. We are hopeless. But we got to see a baby jaguar! It was so cute!

And we plan on waking up earlier tomorrow and working all the way until Home Evening Group! Fortunately, I think we're making enough good progress to make up for the lost time. Whew.

And we just listened to our Hameln Labyrinth of Grimm CD and, as we knew from listening to the sample online, it's a little out of his range. But we think he did that on purpose, because apparently his voice has magical properties? so if he sang in a good range, it would have been too powerful. Or something. These CDs are pretty fun, but the lyrics are like, "Wha...?" Red Riding Hood's is all about how he's not afraid of wolves and he's going to beat them up, and it gets a little violent, but it's also about how he wants to settle down with his wife. Like I said, "Wha...?" But that just makes it all the more fun!

Mr. Sunshine starts soon, so we better stop writing! Why are we watching so much TV when we should be working!? Aaaaaaah!

Today I'm thankful for the convenience of having leftover pancakes, the deliciousness of said pancakes, fun Labyrinth of Grimm CDs, making good progress on work today, and baby jaguars.
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