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Technically I was supposed to be visiting teaching ten minutes ago, but since my companion is late, I'm going to see how far I can get on this post before she gets here.

Today has been super busy, but since we felt like we were actually getting stuff done, we were okay with it. We also realized that oh my goodness, we have deadlines! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! So when we finished working our regular hours on the confidential thing, we went straight to work on Ace Attorney. After a short cookie break. We'll probably also work between dinner and Castle, but we also need to go to the grocery store, and, as I've already mentioned, I'm scheduled to go visiting teaching. Plus! we have a column due this week! Aaaaahhh!

Not enough hours in the day. This week is going to be intense.

Also, last night we watched the third Tinker Bell movie. (That "not enough hours in the day" thing reminded me.) It was cute, but it drove me crazy because an key part of the premise is that fairies can't fly with their wings wet, but they're able to save the day anyway because, hey! pixie dust makes things fly! So the powder that the fairies are covered in that makes EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD fly doesn't make the fairies fly? What? What do they even need it for? And how do they suddenly have so much of it when supposedly they need to get their daily scoop, and the guy they get it from is nowhere to be seen since the beginning of the movie, when he says he's going to go deliver the ALL IMPORTANT pixie dust to other fairy camps?

Actually, we did answer that last question. It went like this. Athena: Where'd she get all that pixie dust? Alethea: Through the plot-hole.

Wow, for someone who decided last night to make a concerted effort to stop fault-finding, I'm doing a terrible job. The movie was really cute, though!

Today I'm thankful for the yummy cookies we had during our break, being productive enough today to be able to calm down, getting lots of rain today (and sun, too!), our copy of Tangled being on its way to our apartment!, and being able to finish this post. I hope my companion is okay.
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