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Just a little bit longer and we can get some relaxing in. In random news, I'm having a really difficult time getting used to this new lack of a hyphen in the word email. (When I typed it just now, I was so focused on leaving the hyphen out that I proceeded to miss the A. Not that I'm ever able to type a word correctly on the first try.)

Anyway, I'm very tired. I keep wanting to rant about this stupid thing that happened in choir practice. (Incidentally, when I say it's stupid, I don't mean it as a commentary on any of the participants in the event; I'm sure we were all feelings stressed out for various reasons.) We're rehearsing the song, and we finally get to the last verse, which we only started practicing last week, and it actually has a different alto part than all the other verses, so we don't know the notes as well. We read music alright, so that wouldn't be a problem if we could just figure out where the first note we were supposed to sing was. Well, I think that's the lowest note we sing in the whole piece, so it's a little unusual after rehearsing the third verse so many times. (There actually is one lower note for the altos, but they sing it when the two of us are singing second soprano.)

So we asked if we could go over those notes. And not one, but two! two people told us very emphatically that no, we don't need to go over those notes, because look, it's right there in the accompaniment! You can just listen for it! No we can't listen for it, because it's alternating with a different note, and by the time our very slow brains realize that that's the note we're supposed to sing, there's another note playing, being all like, "Or you could sing me!" But we can't sing you, because you're the wrong note! Aaaaarrrrgh!

But those other people insisted, so we went ahead and tried it with the accompaniment again. And guess what? We got it wrong! So I say pleeease can we have Sister S play our note so we can know what it is? And those two other people were still insisting that we shouldn't need to--they were like, "No, Sister S, just play that one louder." We were still lost. So finally, the more authoritative of the two said resignedly, "Just play their note. That's what they want."

In the meantime, there was much flailing on my part (literally--arm-waving and everything), which amused Brother H (who we affectionately refer to as "the bass section," even though he actually wasn't the only bass there today), but in a good-natured way that made me genuinely glad that at least I was amusing someone.

After we had a closing prayer, the choir director was very kind to come to us and apologize, and we will eventually get over it, but man! Ever since, we've been talking in circles to each other, "Why can't you realize people learn things in different ways!? Arrrrrrgh!" And also, "Okay, I understand if you don't trust our musical judgment after all our failed attempts at getting that other transition right, but guess what we didn't try for that either? Having Sister S play our notes without the accompaniment!"

And after all that, and my being upset with people, we had a very nice lesson on charity in Relief Society. That being the case, it's important for me to remember that the people at choir practice weren't trying to insult us or anything. They just knew what works for them and were trying to help.

Today I'm thankful for finally having a good chunk of time with which to relax, the very nice lesson we had on charity, the gospel doctrine teacher bringing treats, the yummy pita chips we had for lunch, and our friend not leaving church without us (which she would only do if she assumed we had another ride home, so it's not like we thought she'd ditch us, just that we weren't sure, since we had been talking to Celeste, if she thought maybe we'd be going home with Celeste or something).
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