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Tide-Line Blue

I love holding cat paws!

Eheh. That was random. I was just playing with Oreo while I waited for this page to load.

So anyway. Tide-Line Blue! We just watched episode...eight? Well, one of them, anyway, and it made us both very happy, so we decided it deserved a LiveJournal entry. I'm still not sure exactly what's going on in this show, but I can follow what the characters are doing. I just don't why why, because I don't know the big picture because my Japanese is limited, and in some cases because they haven't told us yet. I hope.

I just love all the characters. I like to watch Keel, because it's nice to see thoughtless people get what's coming to them. Like when he slammed his hand onto the outside of the submarine in below-zero weather and it froze to it. I could have been spared the explanation as to how they removed his hand from the sub though...

I like Teen a lot, and I think it's not just because he's played by Daisuke Namikawa. He hasn't really done a whole lot, so it's hard to tell. He was just so adorable in the latest ending sequence! It makes me want to go through and get screencaps so we can make icons or wallpaper or something... and then I think it's too much effort, since I already got fourteen screencaps of Sano from Ueki no Housoku today. But if it's just one ending sequence...hmm...

We think it's great that Keel and Teen are twins and they're both played by a Daisuke (Keel is Daisuke Sakaguchi, in case anyone was wondering). It might be a fun series to cosplay, but Keel's outfit is kind of scary in its vinyl-pleatherness.

And the ending theme is very happy, and the single has been added to the long List of CDs We Need to Buy When We Have Money. But all this thinking about Daisuke Namikawa is trying to get the opening to Tsubasa Chronicle in my head, because he's Fay and all.
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