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I am in a royally bad mood right what I want to say, but I don't think it's necessarily true. We're actually pretty good at accepting things we hate if they don't really affect us that much. But we're definitely upset.

The big news in the domestic manga community is that Kodansha USA is going to re-release Sailor Moon. This is fantastic news for everybody except us, and probably a bunch of other translators who really wanted to translate Sailor Moon. It was pretty devastating to find out somebody else was on it, but based on who it is, we can be pretty sure our not getting to translate it is more political than somebody deciding our translations are crap. So that's a relief, at least.

But it was kind of hard to take, because we got the news right as we were translating one of many, many very hard to translate (for us) scenes in a project that is making us feel a little inadequate, so the idea that we failed to be assigned something we not only love but are fairly certain we could do a really good job on, added to all the stress of "Oooohhhh noooooo! This is taking forever! We're failures at getting things done and we'll never have free time again! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!".... It's a little hard to swallow.

And we can't even get TokyoPop to credit us properly these days! Argh!

So yeah. There was a little crying. But mostly we got over it, because we needed to focus on this other thing, which despite being hard to translate is super awesome, even if nobody we know would care about it. And we're pretty good at recognizing the fact that it wasn't our fault, and it wasn't anybody else's fault, and it was just a circumstance thing. I just kind of wish we had somebody to, like, take us out to dinner or something to help us feel better.

We're THIS CLOSE to going to CD Japan and ordering the entire animated and live action Sailor Moon on DVD, JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!! But on the other hand, it might just depress us. Especially when we find out how much we owe in taxes.

Man, I could use a trip to Disneyland about now.

Today I'm thankful for getting through the hard to translate parts and getting to the easy to translate parts of today's project, having chocolate in the house, having lots of shiny new distracting CDs and DVDs, new Supernanny being on tonight, and having exercise machines to help vent the excess energy.
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