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Ups and downs

I think we're kind of on a see-saw here. One of us is feeling pretty good about the progress we're making with work while the other is freaking out about how much there is to do. And then we switch. It's not really pretty, but at least it's better than both freaking out at the same time. I think. Either way, the important thing is to keep making progress. That's why we're probably going to do a little bit of work on the non-confidential (I haven't said what it is in case anybody wants to guess) thing when we're done updating here.

Not a whole lot to say, though, except we got another knock on the door from the mailman today! I say "the mailman," but it was a different guy today than it was yesterday. I guess they take turns doing the different routes or something.

Anyway, despite still having a package in the ether, we weren't really expecting a delivery. After they sent us the shipping confirmation from CD Japan, we tracked it every day, and every day the USPS website said that they'd received notice that the office of origin was preparing to send the package. What with all the earthquake stuff going on, we were prepared to wait for a long time. But it came today! Yay!

And to illustrate how caught up we were with work, when we were almost finished for the day, Athena looked over at the pile of packages we received over the last two days and was like, "Oh yeah! We got that today!" I hadn't remembered either! But now we have fun stuff to look forward to when we decide we've had enough of fictional legal systems.

Today I'm thankful for getting a decent amount of work done, our package arriving from CD Japan, Dumbo still being available for purchase in some parts of the world, having enough milk for cereal this morning, and having the right model color ink cartridges to put in our printer. Oh! And the idea of hunny lemon cupcakes, just added to the menu at the Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland. Man, I wanna go back there so bad!
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