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Getting in shape!

I think we actually managed to make a reasonable amount of progress today! Yay! The scary thing: our next TokyoPop assignment is Maid Sama!, and with two other projects already going on, soon to be followed by a Negima!, our schedule is pretty darn packed. It's a little scary.

But in the meantime, we're going to get in shape! We had been thinking that we need to exercise for a long time now, and the other day, we went to Mom's house, and she had this thing that was like bicycle pedals, only you can put it on the floor, like under a desk or something. We thought it was perfect! because then we could exercise during Jeopardy! and we wouldn't have to figure out how to fit exercise into our already busy schedules. And they arrived yesterday!

So we put them together and we worked out with them exactly once! And I'm like, "Am I in shape yet!?" I'm a little impatient. But the idea is we'll be in shape so when we want to go spend hours at Disneyland, we won't be dying at the end of it! Woohoo!

Talking about deliveries reminded me that today we had a knock at the door! It was the mailman! He said he had a package for me, but he didn't have it with him, because he had so much stuff to carry already, so would I be here in ten minutes when he came back with it? I find this to be highly amusing. He came back in about ten minutes or less with all the postage stuff we ordered from We were hoping it would be our CDs, but of course we can't be too impatient about importing stuff from Japan right now.

(Speaking of such things, a lot of the people we follow are talking about doing stuff to keep the Japanese economy strong, so we're thinking it would be a great time to make another big CD order. And we just got our last bit of tax info, so we can finally figure out how much money we have to spare!)

Anyway, I figure maybe the mailman tried to deliver the packages when we were putting our laundry in the washing machine, then saw us walking around and thought we might be home after all, so he knocked on the door to find out. Since he could have just tried again tomorrow, that was very considerate of him.

Today I'm thankful for getting a significant (I hope) amount of work done, being on the road to fitness, considerate mail carriers, pretty stickers to identify whose exercise thingie is whose (normally we wouldn't mind, but since we each put one together, we thought it would be nice to remember who assembled each one), and finally getting that tax info.
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