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The stars aligned... or crossed.

All things seemed to conspire against our hair today.

We've had this dentist appointment for about two weeks now. The original suggestion was to have it last week, so Gaston could drive us (because he'd be in town), but we had a Skype meeting with work people last week, so we switched it to this week. This week, Gaston wouldn't be in town on the day they had open space for appointments, so we had to get another ride. Fortunately, last Sunday, Ponyo was easily findable at church, and very agreeable to the idea of giving us a ride. This was a huge relief, because it's hard enough asking people to inconvenience themselves enough just to drive us somewhere; it's even worse when that somewhere is bound to be a boring place that they'll have to stay at for a long period of time. Of course, they could always go home and drive back, but it's far enough away that that wouldn't make us feel any better about it.

But then last night, Ponyo called and had to cancel at the last minute, because suddenly her parents needed the car. She was very apologetic, and even called around to get us a new ride. We were kind of like, "Well, it would be a shame to cancel our appointment (the dentist loses money, we have to reschedule and find another ride, etc.), but more time to work!" Still, I realized it would be for the best if we managed to go to the dentist today anyway, so I was relieved when Ponyo called again--she had found us a ride!

The kind soul willing to drive us all the way to the dentist and hang around for two hours while we get our teeth cleaned was Barbie. Some of you may remember Barbie as the girl who reeeeeeeeally wanted us to get our hair cut. It's really kind of surprising how very much she wanted us to get our hair cut. It's like, "It's not your hair, so why does this idea seem so vital to you?" Ah well, some people are just like that, I guess. It's what makes her unique.

So it came as no surprise when, soon after we set out, she said, "Sooo..." Since we were out anyway, why not get a haircut?

Oddly enough, despite having two projects going on simultaneously, and despite having plans for this evening, for regular work hours today, we weren't so busy. One of the projects we're working on is kind of on hold or something? We're not even sure. Something needs to be figured out by somebody, and we're not entirely sure what's going on, but we were expecting to hear something about it this morning, but we did not. So today was going to be devoted entirely to the other project, and thus we didn't feel as much need to cram as much work into the day as possible. Ergo, our "busy" excuse was null and void. (She wouldn't have bought it anyway; when we mentioned the possibility, she was like, "What, it takes fifteen minutes.") Plus, we felt indebted to her for taking time out to take us to the dentist, and we had already agreed to a cut once before.

And so we were like, "Fine. If it means that much to you, we'll trim off some split ends."

So when we finished at the dentist, it was off to the hair salon! And despite Barbie's pleading with us to get our hair cut to an inch or two below our shoulder blades, we told the stylists that we wanted to keep it as long as possible. I went first, and when the stylist said, "How about at your belt line?", I was like, "That sounds good." So we each lost about seven or eight inches of hair. It's going to be weird brushing it out tomorrow morning.

Today I'm thankful for Barbie being kind enough to take us to the dentist, the stylists being trustworthy and not cutting off more of our hair than they said they would, having plenty of time to make some headway on this one project while we wait for news on the other, having clean shiny teeth, and our shiny new exercise equipment arriving today!
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