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We felt like last week was a whole lot of busyness with not a lot to show for it. Today was not much of an exception. We decided to work on the non-confidential project, and when we realized we hadn't accomplished much by the end of the day, we were like, "That's okay! We'll just work overtime! Then we can get the non-confidential project out of the way and have more time to devote to the other one!" This decision was made on the way to get some pizza for dinner, and by the time we finished eating, we were like, "What!? Six o'clock already!?" (Five-fifty, actually, but that's not important.) We have to stop at seven for Jeopardy!, and we have to have Family Home Evening, and we need some time to relax! (Not that those first two things aren't relaxing, just that... we like to play video games, okay!?)

It's only especially frustrating because we can't get an early start tomorrow because of a dentist appointment, and we can't work late because we have plans. Unless the other person involved in those plans cancels because his brother is leaving for his mission early the next morning...

Anyway. We finally picked up the package that came on Friday, and it wasn't from CD Japan after all. But it was still super fun! When the lady at the office gave it to us, she said, "Based on its shape, it looks like something fun!" And it is! I thought about telling her, but I didn't want to explain it if she's not knowledgeable about manga. Why? Because it's screentone! And I think only manga fans would know what that is without a detailed explanation. And if they don't know what it is, it takes less time to explain. But if they don't know what manga is...

See, back when we were playing with Skype and talking to Celeste, we got a phone call. It was from the Young Women's President of Mom's ward. She had heard that we translate anime or manga or something like that, and one of the girls in their YW program is a big fan, so she was wondering if we could do something for them for an activity. Well, sure! But we couldn't really do a translation demonstration; that would get really technical and maybe a little boring.

So later that day, Athena came up with the brilliant idea of ordering some screentone and demonstrating that! We're pretty excited about it. Y'know, assuming we can find time to figure everything out. We're really hoping we don't have to go out and buy utility knives. (Athena has a linoleum cutter, but two flat blades at the most.) So for our FHE activity tonight, we're going to mess with the tone and see what we can do. It's going to be awesome!

Today I'm thankful for shiny packages of screentone, getting at least a little work done, the yummy pizza we had for dinner, Ponyo being super super nice and agreeing to drive us to the dentist tomorrow morning, and still having some time before Jeopardy! to get back to work!
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