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I had to teach Relief Society today, and I don't think it went so well, so I'm not very happy right now. I just want to be done doing things on the computer and go do some nice, relaxing things.

But first, I'm not sure if anyone reading this has this problem, but Tachibana Higuchi said something on Twitter that we thought was worth sharing. She said that since the earthquake, she had had a terrible stomachache that just wouldn't go away. She's in the Kansai region and wasn't affected badly by it, but she was constantly watching the news reports about it, partially because she felt guilty for not following them. But then she heard something about PTSD, and I'm not sure how she made the connection, but she realized it was time to do something happy. So she watched her favorite TV show and suddenly the stomachache that was completely unaffected by medicine went away entirely.

The moral of the story is, when something bad happens, it's okay not to focus on it all the time. Sometimes you have to step away from it (if you can), and do something to replenish your energy, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Then you can come back and cope with things much better. And it's okay not to be stressed out just because stressful things are happening.

Today I'm thankful for the good lessons and talks we had at church today, getting a ride to and from church today, the pretty song our choir is singing, having a check to deposit, and it being time to step away from the computer and relax now.
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