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A day out

Today turned out to be quite an outing! After all the confusion on Thursday, I called Leia, and we decided that she would drive us to the temple for baptisms, and then we'd take in a session after that. Well, as it turned out, at Home Evening Group, they announced that there wasn't a baptism trip after all. So instead of being helpful and asking for a ride to the church to help clean, we slept in. Eheh. And then Leia came and we went to the temple, and that was very nice.

Afterwards, we called Celeste, because we'd been meaning to take her to IHOP, and recently they're having a special on chicken and waffles! It's perfect, because, since we'd been meaning to take Celeste to IHOP, I'd been thinking about their waffles. But just one waffle didn't really seem like enough, so what was I to do? I wanted a waffle, but I wanted more than that without having to buy a whole other dish. But now they have this special going on! Yay!

Unfortunately, Celeste was unavailable, because she actually went to the Relief Society activity that we had ditched to go to the temple. But we were all hungry, so we went to IHOP anyway, and the chicken and waffles were great!

While we were there, the subject of Tangled came up, because I think it always does when we get together with Leia. We discussed the possibility of it still playing in the Three Dollar Theater, and how nice it would be to go to a movie, and how we all love Tangled but we should maybe consider seeing a movie that we hadn't all seen three times. So Leia pulled out her phone and checked what was there. And the only thing that we were really interested in going to watch was Tangled.

So we all went to see Tangled a fourth time! Yay! This time, if I wasn't seeing things, I noticed that the first time you see Mother Gothel, her costume colors are switched! I am amused. I hope they don't fix it for the Blu-ray release, because I think it's neat. Incidentally, the first time we saw the movie, I'm absolutely sure there was a line in the narration about turning the magic flower into a tea. Was I imagining it? Leia says it wasn't there when she first saw it, but she didn't see it on opening day. Maybe we should ask Zach Levi on Twitter. Maybe the visual of the tea planted the line in my head. That's just so weird.

The sad thing about all of this, however, is that when we came home, there was a package slip in the mail. The only package we're expecting via USPS is our CD Japan order (which we really really want!), but the office is closed! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ah well, we'll just have to wait until Monday. We could technically get it tomorrow, but we don't want to make the office people work on a Sunday. It wouldn't be so bad if we thought we'd have any time to enjoy our new CDs during the week. So if we get the package on Monday, we'll just have it in our apartment for a whole week not being able to enjoy it. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, getting to go to IHOP for chicken and waffles (we'll have to take Celeste another time), getting to see Tangled again, Leia being kind enough to drive us to all these places, and Oreo and Page being especially adorable when we got home.
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