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Inhale... exhale... inhale... exhale...

We meant to give ourselves a little bit of time to breathe today, but it doesn't feel like we have much. Man, this week has been so intense. I really hope tomorrow is a little less busy.

In very happy news, we finally pre-ordered Tangled last night! So now we can finally wait three weeks for them to ship it! (Hopefully more like two and a half. If we're lucky, only two!) And when we were going to CD Japan to check on our order, it shipped! (No seriously, we didn't have a shipping confirmation, then we went to the website, and they said we had no open orders, then we checked our e-mail, and there was the shipping confirmation!)

Anyway, we're a little scared because after all this busyness, we have a busy Saturday, too. Originally, we only had plans to go to the temple for an endowment session with Leia, but on Sunday, that turned into double double booking! Our ward is scheduled to clean the church building and do temple baptisms early in the morning. Athena's the temple coordinator, and she was told to call the temple and cancel the baptism back in January, and she and I are both completely sure that she did just that. But last month, the bishopric got a schedule saying the appointment was still on. Sigh.

Our plans with Leia were for after that, but we forgot that our ward's Relief Society has an activity planned starting at the same time. It's hard to pass up, too, because they have our friend's brother, who went to culinary school, teaching us how to make truffles. We still have to call Leia and figure out what we want to do about the whole thing (if we go to temple baptisms and then take in a session, she won't have to pick us up, for example), but I haven't had time all week! Except for Monday, and I really can't figure out why I didn't then. I probably figured it would only take a few minutes, and surely I would have a few minutes. Ha!

...Actually I had a few minutes last night. But then it was after nine o'clock. Leia probably would have been awake, but still.

I need to get away from the computer.

After we e-mail our friend who we currently communicate with mostly by e-mail.

Today I'm thankful for having a little bit of time to breathe today (we still have FHE; that's why it's only a little bit), getting to order Tangled, our CD Japan order being shipped, having friends to e-mail, and the healing power of kitties.
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