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Busy busy busy

Man, this week is so busy. We keep thinking, "That's okay; things will be relatively normal tomorrow." But inevitably something new pops up to figure out. But I think it's all to make things easier in the long run, so here's hoping.

To add to the chaos, today we got some more books to translate, and we's got deadlines comin' up! So now we can play guess what non-confidential thing the Twins are (soon to be) working on! Now if only we can figure out how to work it into our schedule. Sigh. I only complain a little because we're not used to all the busyness. It's been a long time since we got fired off of Kieli we've had so much work to do that we have to work on two things at once. But earning money is excellent, especially when the work is fun! Now we just have to build up our stamina. (And hey! Target just shipped our exercise equipment!)

Today I'm thankful for shiny new books in the mail (or FedEx truck, whatever), Target shipping our exercise equipment, making enough progress that we can look at it and think "Hey I think we actually got something done," having a little bit of time before visiting teachers show up, and remembering to drink some juice today (yay vitamin C!).
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