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Would the term be dryacide?

So here we were, doing stuff on our computer, when suddenly Page perked up. She had been sitting on the monitor, but she jumped up onto the top bunk and stared intently out the window. That's when we saw a guy in the tree outside!

That was a little creepy at first, but he wasn't there without a reason. He took out a chainsaw and started hacking off branches! Ooooohhhh noooooooo!!! We were kind of upset about this, but we figured he must have been hired by the apartment management if he was cutting up the tree, so at least we were pretty sure the chainsaw wasn't going to be putting us in any immediate danger.

The downside is that now all the pretty leaves and flowers we had outside our window are gone. Gone! ...Okay, not all of them, but I'd say about ninety percent of them. It's kind of sad and desolate. We were wondering if it was our punishment for not clearing the fallen leaves off our balcony. We started to just last Saturday! But it was too late! Too late! But then I noticed another tree across the parking lot had been similarly decimated, so it probably wasn't our fault. Either way, we're sorry little tree!

On the bright side (literally), we have a lot more light in our room, and we can see the sky and the big pine trees (or maybe they're cedar, but anyway) across the way. Our room used to get pretty dark when the tree sprouted its thick foliage in the summer, and it didn't lose very many leaves this winter to make up for it, so our room was dark all year round. But now we can work on manga into the evening without straining our eyes too much or turning on the lights prematurely.

Speaking of the lights! We have a ceiling fixture with four lights in it, and two of them had been burned out for a loooooong time, until we eventually came up with the bright idea of replacing them with the CFL bulbs that had been sitting around for a loooooong time because they didn't fit our living room fixture (even though we're pretty sure the lights in our room had burnt out first--the logic, it eludes us sometimes). So anyway, we finally replaced the bulbs, and now! now! one of the CFL bulbs is burnt out! Aren't those things supposed to last longer than incandescents? But the two incandescent bulbs are still going strong. Go figure. We're just an energy draining household, I guess.

Today I'm thankful for having more light in our room, getting to order neat little pedal thingies to help us exercise (why aren't they here yet!? (because we just ordered them on the internet two hours ago)), getting to watch Page stand guard over the tree guys, our room not being in a state of complete chaos when the tree guys were standing outside our window, and already being done writing a column for this week (that reminds me, we need to remember to send it in).
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