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We didn't really plan to be away from home all day today. Just slightly longer than normal on Sundays. But what happened was, last week at choir practice, as we were moving from the Young Women's room (where we practice until the ward that meets before us gets out of Sacrament Meeting, at which point they're out of the chapel and in need of a Young Women's room), I talked to the choir's accompanist, who also happens to be the woman who gave me the one organ lesson I've ever had. I told her about my shiny new Disney Songs for Classical Piano sheet music, and she asked if she could see it next week (today) at Break the Fast.

Well, we don't usually go to Break the Fast, but we've usually had a good time talking to people when we went, so that's what we planned to do! Only, because we're always imposing on people to get rides anyway, we thought we might make it easier by crashing Mom's house between church and Break the Fast. So that's what we did! And we had a nice time talking to Steve and watching the end of Swiss Family Robinson and the first half of Cinderella.

At Break the Fast, we had more nice times talking to people, including beginning to tell the story of when we stumped Rosetta at Pixie Hollow, but getting distracted by talking about the Tinker Bell movies in general. And then Sister S snuck off to the primary room to play with my music, and we followed her. Not surprisingly, she's a better sight-reader than me. Some of the pieces had like a million notes, so we tried playing them as a duet! Which I also mostly failed at. Ah well.

Then it was back to Mom's house to meet all the people they had over for dinner, but mostly the lady that was a big Disney fan that prompted us not to bring movies like The Lion King a couple of weeks ago. This time she really was there, and we had some brief talk about Disney, including a short consideration of the question who would win in a fight--Mufasa or the Beast. My first thought was Mufasa, since he's probably been fighting all his life, while the Beast is just hiding in a castle and wasting away. But the real answer, which I should have remembered from when Stan Lee tweeted something about it a few weeks ago, is that it depends on who's writing the battle, and who they want to win.

After watching The Emperor's New Groove (which was the movie we ultimately decided we'd like to have should we find ourselves stranded on a mysterious desert island that somehow had electricity and we could only have one Disney movie to keep us company), we came home and stubbornly insisted on reading some manga before updating LJ. Gakuen Babysitters really is too adorable for words. And such a tear-jerker...

Today I'm thankful for getting to have various good chats with people, the tasty chocolate peanut butter pie our friend brought to Break the Fast, Ponyo being kind enough to agree to drive us to our dentist appointment, getting to share my shiny sheet music (bonus for sharing it with someone who obviously loves music more than showing off), and getting to sleep a little late tomorrow.
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