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Today has certainly been a day. One of those days where we feel like we did so much, and yet nothing at all. I think that might be part of why we keep forgetting to do our chores. Somehow they don't register as "doing something." But anyway, we did a bunch of chore type things today! Woohoo!

And then we called Celeste to get her to play with Skype with us. Now we know we can call people in different buildings! Yay! It was a little iffy for a while, though, because Celeste couldn't hear either of us through her computer--only through her phone. But eventually she discovered that her settings were off, and it was fixed and all very happy. Tadah!

In other news, since I'm teaching a lesson on the Lord's law of health next week, for the last couple of days I've had music from "My Body Machine" running through my head. (I'm kind of excited that we can just download it legally like that. Still, that money can be spent on another Labyrinth of Grimm character concept CD, so we're undecided about whether or not we're going to. But we probably won't.)

We used to listen to it when we were seven years old. Over and over and over again, we listened to it; it must have driven Dad up the wall. Every time he took us anywhere, "My body maCHINE is super keen, it's awesome as IT can BEEEE♪" And that's probably why we still remember so many of the lyrics twenty years later. It was pretty intense one night--I was reading the lesson, and then when Athena was done getting ready for bed, I told her it was in my head, and we started singing. At first, I only remembered a few things, but the more we talked about it... We managed to remember almost every little couplet about the various organ systems of the body.

Anyway, probably the most frustrating thing for Dad about this tape (way back when we listened to it, CDs were still uncommon) is that it did not, in fact, encourage us to eat more healthily. I think we thought of vegetable-eating as something that just comes when you get older, like being able to pay attention in church, and caring about the news. Now that we are older, we realized that it doesn't. That reminds me, we keep meaning to stock up on V8 Fusion.

Our favorite character was the milk. We don't remember what they called her. And we do still eat a lot of dairy! So maybe it's just that we didn't care enough about the fruits and vegetables. They were too cool for us--they had a rap and everything. (I remember being determined to remain a nerd when I was little. Like, our cousin Jonathan used the word "cool" all the time, because he heard it on Ninja Turtles, but we refused to use it. Until Jon got us hooked on Ninja Turtles, too.)

Wow, looking at it now, we're noticing it's by Jan Brady. That's kind of amazing.

Today I'm thankful for another blast from the past, all our shiny clean floors, Celeste being kind enough to test Skype with us and take us to the bank, having our coats back from the cleaners, and the neighbor's cat not being gone forever (he had disappeared for a while, and we were a little worried about him).
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