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"Skype" is really fun to say.

Today we have taken one more step toward not being complete analogs (that's what they call people who haven't entered the digital age, or at least it's what they call them in Japan) and got our very own Skype accounts! Tadah!

But we probably won't use them all that much, because the desktop doesn't seem to like Skype very well. The laptop likes it just fine, but we only get it out once a week, usually. And if we're going to have our PSP on (yes, that's right! the PSP has Skype!), why in the world would we not be playing a game on it? ...Well, maybe we were out of town and it's the most portable way of talking to people. But it probably still wouldn't be that helpful anyway, because PSPs eat up battery power like nothing else. Maybe that wouldn't be the case so much if we didn't insist on having the screen at its highest brightness. Yeeeah.

So far, we've only used Skype talking to each other from across the apartment with our various different electrical devices. That seemed a little silly. But we wanted to make sure it worked, and the automatic testing service wasn't taking my calls. Rejected. (Okay, to be fair, it tried to take my calls. I thought it was that the desktop just really hated Skype, but it didn't work on the laptop, either. *shrug*)

Anyway, it's a really neat thing, and despite the fact that it's basically like making a phonecall, somehow it seems much friendlier. Athena suggests that it feels (for no discernible reason) like it will pick up the sound better. Like it feels more like having a conversation, and less like picking up a strange device and talking into it and hoping you and the person on the other end will be able to make out everything being said. Now that she mentions it, you do get to stare at the computer while using Skype, and you don't really see a phone when you're using it. So maybe the problem with phonecalls all along has been that you can't see what you're talking to! I mean, obviously you can't see the person on the other end of the line, but you can't really see the phone either. Iiinteresting...

In other news. We asked one of our bosses about a title we'd been working on that got put on hiatus, because we'd seen a few people online wondering about it, and Boss didn't know, but pointed out that it hadn't sold well, so...

My first reaction was, "Well, time to start telling fans to buy manga as gifts for their friends! Lots and lots of gifts!" And then I was like, "Hm, I wonder if it's hypocritical of me to tell people to go out and buy manga when I don't do it myself." I justify it by saying that, being in the manga industry, if the industry does poorly, I don't have any money to buy manga with (domestic or imported), and if I have enough money to buy manga, it means the industry doesn't necessarily need my help. Or something. I don't know.

Today I'm thankful for Skype being a heck of a lot less scary than it seemed when it was just a mysterious Thing people used the internet for, having our laundry done, plans to bake cookies tonight, having two more assignments (not new titles), and having plans to go to the temple next week.
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