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Another odd day today. We had a light work load, so we had some extra time to read! And while I was reading a creepy story about a mysterious girl and a guillotine, the dentist called! It's time for a cleaning! Oh boy.

To be fair, though, our dental hygienist is very good, and her cleanings aren't so bad. But it's still not something you look forward to. Anyway, now that we have an appointment, it was time to call Gaston to see if we could get a ride. This was only slightly awkward, because we hadn't spoken to Gaston since Halloween.

And all the while I was reading ghost stories by Washington Irving and being preoccupied by real life anxieties. It's put me in an unusual state of mind. It doesn't help that we're feeling (more than) a little intimidated by a new assignment we've gotten. (Don't get excited; it's probably not something you really care about. Incidentally, I'm making a mental note right now to let you know next time we get a secret assignment that you can get excited about. Wow, it's been a long time since we've had one of those.)

On the bright side, we got in touch with Gaston again! And that has us talking about going to Disneyland! Because for some reason, none of us can really consider the possibility of hanging out anywhere other than Disneyland. Probably because most other places Gaston would care about going would be restaurants, and the two of us and restaurants don't really mix. And with the lovely spring weather, it's hard not to imagine going to Disneyland. So we've decided that when we can finally get our taxes done, we'll evaluate our finances and see if we can make a trip down there.

But now it's time to go distract ourselves with distracting things.

Today I'm thankful for getting a tweet from Matsuzuki-sensei! (all the other stuff going on today keeps making me forget about that), getting ice cream from Fresh & Easy, having tentative plans to go to Disneyland with friends, regular tooth maintenance, and the ability to check order status at CD Japan.
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