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This is the type of thing we do when we're not ready to go to sleep:

Since we've been playing Lunar2, obviously, we need to look up the cast. This takes a lot more time than it needs to, because we want to look up each character individually, because we can't just look up the cast! This is actually because we like to guess voice actors and don't want to see that someone's in it before their character shows up. For the Lunar games, this is kind of pointless because we're playing the dub version, and the dub voices in Lunar aren't really in a whole lot else. Still, what if someone from the first Lunar is in the second Lunar and it's supposed to be a surprise?

Anyway, all this thinking about Lunar reminds me of the song in the first Lunar, which reminds me of that one Flash animation with the cat in the box, which in turn reminds me of the Flash animation to that Romanian song, so we go to the Togenkyo forums and find the link and watch it.

And now that we've been watching One Piece, we get the Arlong reference, which of course reminds me that I want to look up the Japanese voices of the newest characters, because we haven't looked them up yet. With One Piece, since we don't really plan on seeing the Japanese version, we just go ahead and look up the whole cast, but it still takes a long time to sift through all the characters and then remember who everyone is. And now it's over an hour since the Daily Show ended, and in case anyone is curious, Arlong is played by Jurouta Kosugi, who often plays godlike and/or devil-like characters, and then randomly becomes Dokugakuji in Saiyuki Reload. Go figure.

And that's how we kill time before we're ready to go to sleep! Tadah!
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