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Today has certainly been odd. And I'm not even sure I could explain why. There was definitely an excess of energy that led to even more random sound effects and breaking into song than usual. Other than that, the day hasn't been much different than the routine, except for about an hour we had to spend figuring out a computer problem we had.

Yesterday after I posted, I remembered I wanted to talk about "Mountjoy." It's a short story by Washington Irving that was included in the book we got for "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (part of our Disney Reading Project). Since it's in the public domain, we don't mind linking to an online version of it. We both loooooved it, but I'm not sure what to say about it. I think the main thing is that it's about a man who obviously thinks of himself as very intelligent (which he is), and where that pride leads him. Only it doesn't really have a solid ending, so we were hoping maybe Mr. Irving wrote more about Mr. Mountjoy, but Wikipedia is failing us in providing any information about it either way. Boo.

Umm... I'm having a difficult time focusing much today. Right, there are rumors going around about more layoffs at TokyoPop. The article most people got the information from starts with "Word is going around that," and there doesn't seem to be any confirmation from any regular TokyoPop employees, so we're taking the information with a grain of salt. Even if it is true, last time TP laid off a bunch of people, one of the people that got laid off appeared soon thereafter as the new adapter on one of the titles we translated, so hopefully that means nobody's going to be out in the cold. Then again, that title got put on hiatus, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to point out that one way to help these people out would be to make sure no more titles go on hiatus (but then again, if people were buying more manga, they probably wouldn't have been laid off to begin with).

Today I'm thankful for having chocolate covered pretzels, "Mountjoy," WriteRCastle quoting official style guides about use of "I" vs "me," finishing our scarves while there's still some winter left, and the adorable baby duck on our calendar for March.
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